North America World Cups Mont Sainte-Anne & Windham

The North American rounds are here and two of Billy Goat Bikes/Mountain Khakis riders are competing. Max Morgan in Elite and Joshua Rogers in Juniors.

The riders have been in a whirlwind coming into these rounds of the World Cups. The riders have traveled to Angel Fire, NM → NC →Mammoth, CA →NC →Snowshoe, WV → Canada → Windham, NY then home.

Mont Sainte-Anne (MSA)

With the course walk scheduled for Wednesday, Max and Joshua found new features on this year’s track. But MSA would not disappoint as one of the best tracks on the WC circuit. This track has a little and a lot of everything you expect in a great venue.

With the pits and the SCOTT bikes ready, the only thing left was to try and tackle MSA.

You can see that BGB and MK were well represented in Canada.

Practices were dry and wet, hot and cool, bright and cloudy, and fast and loose. MSA showed everyone a little bit of everything. Qualifying was Friday. Joshua and the juniors would run first. When Josh crossed the line, he was into the big dance finishing in 20th place. Billy Goat Bikes (BGB) had their first World Cup qualifier but that would be short lived. Only 2 hours later, BGB had qualifier number 2; Max finished in 72nd.

Joshua, Matt, Max

Joshua, Matt, Max

Unfortunately, race day didn’t go as well for either rider. Joshua crashed hard and was taken down the mountain by the medical staff. Fortunately, it was a precautionary measure and he was fine. Max also crashed in his race run but was able to finish crossing the line in 74th. Both riders were not satisfied with the race results but both came away with lots of positives and the best BGB World Cup results to date.

Next stop…Windham, NY


One of the shortest and fastest tracks of the year, Windham wouldn’t disappoint when it came to exciting racing. The conditions where bone dry and dust was everywhere. The track would be blown out and full of holes…just how these guys like it!

Riders had to be careful not to blow up early, with such a short track you were able to get in lots of practice runs. It’s a track that causes you to ride right on the edge.

Max Morgan

Max Morgan

Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers

Lots of Red, White and Blue jerseys all over the place on qualifying day. This race boasts one of the biggest, if not the biggest US field. Qualifying would not be easy and the times would be tight if it was anything like last year. With some course changes to slow down the track, most felt it would spread out the times a little.

Joshua would be the 10th junior to cross the line and at the end of qualifying, he was sitting in 20th place again. He felt good about the run and was pleased to make the big show again. Max was up next. With a mistake in the first spilt, he was left with an uphill battle. Even though he made up 10 spots during split two, it left Max outside the coveted 80th position. This track is unforgiving and many riders found out the hard way.

Josh knew that race day was going to be fun and fast. First goal was to finish. Second goal was to move up spots. After a pretty clean run, Joshua ended up in the 18th spot. With 2 World Cups under his belt, Joshua is ready for the World Championships in a couple of weeks.

The World Cup scene has been exciting and fun. We hate that there isn’t a US World Cup next year (still hoping they add one). Look for updates from Vallnord, Andorra about Joshua and the rest of the USA team.

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