Downhill Southeast Spring Series Race 1 & 2

Race 1 and 2 are in the books and a BIG THANKS to race promoter and GSTAAD Scott rider Neko Mulally for putting on the events. Race 1 went down at TTC Gravity Park and Race 2 was at the beast, Windrock Park. The three race series will end at Bailey Mountain. The races are a great opener for the 2016 season.

TTC Race #1

TTC would prove not only to be a great place to race but it provided great weather and a large field of 125+ riders. The atmosphere was relaxed, fun and everyone was ready to get on the bikes. The 2016 Billy Goat Bikes Race team would be no different. After a long, wet off-season it was time to ride.

New bikes, new suspension, new sponsors and some new faces make up the new team. Seven out of our eight riders were present to test the new bikes and get their race wheels under them.

The track was steep, fast and BGB Racing ended up placing 3 riders in the top 10.

Nicholas 01 ALM.jpg

BGB Racing youngest rider Nicholas Wildrick, age 12 on his way to a 2nd in 14 under ~ 4:43.107

Jimmy 03 ALM.jpg

Jimmy Leslie is back on form placing 6th in the Pro Class ~ 2:55.403

Joshua 02 ALM.jpg

Joshua Rogers finished 10th in the Pro Class ~ 3:01.257 (won fastest junior)

Michael 03 ALM.jpg

Michael Kane showing his style and looking to make some moves in the Junior Elites

Derek 01 ALM.jpg

Derek Maiden, racing Pro and coming back to BGB and Devinci…

BGB Racing is looking forward to moving on to the next race at Windrock to continue fine tuning the bikes in preparation for the long season ahead.

Thanks to ALMPhoto for all pictures above….

TTC Results

Windrock Race #2

The weather would be slightly different than TTC, slightly! Saturday was a great over-cast day that was mainly dry and fast. Race morning would be a totally different day and a different Windrock. The Devinci Wilsons were in the house and ready to get muddy.

Pit 2.jpg

Saturday                                                                                      Sunday     

Practice on Saturday was a day fine tuning our SRSuntour Rux forks and our Canecreek DB Coils. Windrock is a brutal track and will take a toll on wheels and bikes, but these Novatec  Demon DH wheels beat back the Rock.


Jaeger Rose, left : Zach Garies, top right : Nicholas Wildrick, bottom right 

Sunday practice and race conditions were the exact opposite of Saturday. It was going to be a challenging day and survival was the main theme. There were some awesome times laid down but most run were far from perfect.

Jimmy 03 ALM.jpg

Leslie laid down another solid time 3:11.342 finishing 8th in Pro

Joshua 06 ALM.jpg

Joshua was a little off pace playing it too safe placing 11th in Pro ~ 3:25.404

Zach 03 ALM.jpg

Zach Gareis was on point in his first race, 18th in Pro ~ 3:35.861

Jaeger 04 ALM.jpg

Jaeger Rose made the most improvement from race 1 placing 20th in Pro ~ 3:53.553

“I just wanted you all to know that no matter where you finished, you should be stoked on finishing a race run in those conditions. That was about as bad as it gets and you probably won’t ride anything gnarlier all year. Think of it as the best practice weekend possible.” ~ Jimmy Leslie (BGB Racing team thread)

That sums up the weekend at the Rock

Thanks to ALMPhoto for all race day pictures above….

Windrock Results

Now we move on to race #3 at Bailey Mountain in North Carolina.

Check out our athlete sites…..
Joshua Rogers — instagram-icon-32px imgres instagram-icon-32px twitter
Jimmy Leslie — instagram-icon-32px imgres
Michael Kane — instagram-icon-32px
Jaeger Rose — instagram-icon-32px imgres
Zach Gareis — instagram-icon-32px
Derek Maiden — instagram-icon-32px imgres twitter
Nicholas Wildrick — instagram-icon-32px
Kai Nishino — instagram-icon-32px

As always none of this would be possible without a great line-up of sponsors…
Billy Goat Bike Shop • Novatec Wheels • BikeFettish • RJ Rockers Brewery
Mountain Khakis • Onza Tires • SR SuntourGoalZero
HT Pedals • FLY RacingCaneCreek • Deity Devinci Bikes

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